Porn-Again Christian

As many (all?) of you know, there can be a dark side to spirituality.  And often, that dark side silently thrives throughout the far-reaching digital world of the Internet, in its various forms.  Unfortunately, for many Christians, the dark side involves pornography.

If you need a blunt, in-your-face discussion of pornography, masturbation, the Bible, and the Christian life, you should read this eBook called “Porn-Again Christian” by Mark Driscoll.  It is for men only, and if you struggle with pornography, you need to read this book as part of your process of Christian spiritual growth.

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  1. I stumbled across this thread and though I know that it was posted a long time ago I would still like to comment. Why does everyone assume that men are the only ones who suffer the addicting grip of porn and masterbation?! I, myself, struggle with this problem and I know for a fact that I’m not alone. I know many young women who share this dark secret, so why is it never addressed? I have searched for answers and help but all I’ve ever found was aimed specifically at men. Anything that I did find for women/girls were some sexual professional whack-jobs that say it’s normal and healthy to explore our sexuality through sexual fantasies and the like. I know God’s position on the matter and I think that someone out there should address this problem for young women to, and not just men.

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