Draft Course Video – Feedback Requested

I need your help.  🙂  I am creating a series of brief video podcasts for some of my classes at AMU, in order to help students focus on the key topics and ideas each week.  However, before I create a whole bunch and make them available to my students, I would appreciate getting some feedback first.

So … if you could watch this Week 1 video for Introduction to the Bible and then give me some constructive criticism, feedback, advice, etc, that would be great.  Thanks!


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5 Replies to “Draft Course Video – Feedback Requested”

  1. Viewed the video on Utube-
    i thought the intro and exit credits were very interesting, branding with the AMU logo in the background good idea. Your speaking;tone, tempo and the content kept one interested without feeling rushed. The video background of the library was pleasant atmosphere. I would surely tune in if i was taking your course to get the ‘highlights’ . Good stuff.

  2. Thanks! I figure that going a few seconds over on the first one will be okay, as long as I don’t do it again! 🙂

    As for the quality, they will be viewed in iTunes where the video size is much smaller, so I think it should work out. Of course, I could always buy a new video camera …

    Thanks, Carol!

  3. Except for going over the 2 minute time frame, the video looked good. I viewed it through You Tube and the resolution was a bit fuzzy. The info was concise, brief, and to the point. Good job.

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