Seven Steps to Innovative Culture

In an unstable world consisting of seemingly constant change, how do we create powerful teams that are both innovative and effective?  The key, suggest the authors of Yes, And, is to intentionally grow an organizational culture with these seven characteristics:

  • Yes, And
  • Ensemble
  • Co-creation
  • Authenticity
  • Failure
  • Follow the Follower, and
  • Listening

While it may be temping to skip over some of the current “buzzword” chapters (eg, Authenticity, Failure), it would be wise to read them for their surprisingly fresh perspective.

Other chapters, such as Ensemble and Follow the Follower are deeply insightful, and all but the most well-read leaders will think “ah, this is new and helpful!” numerous times.  Both provide helpful insight on how to build teams that truly take advantage of everyone’s strengths.

If you work or lead in a changing industry (for example, I’ve written about the need for new paradigms in education), you would do well to read this book and develop an invigorating culture of innovation in your team or entire organization.

Yes, And, is definitely “recommended reading”.


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