Uncommon Faith – Pre-Reading/Homework (Week 3)

For those of you who are taking part in the six week class at Westwood Church called “Uncommon Faith“, here are the requirements to work through for week 3:

  • Read Numbers 27:12-23 in three different translations (if you want suggestions, I recommend these three for this course: NET, TNIV, ESV).
    • Do you see a structure to the story?  Repeated words/ideas, progression of words/ideas, etc.
  • As you read the text, answer these questions
    • Specifically, how does Moses describe his successor?
    • Why do you think that Moses chose those specific characteristics as being critical for the next leader of the Israelites?
    • What roles do both the Lord and Moses play in the story?

Have fun with this, and I’ll see you on Sunday!

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