You’re better than “I’m busy”!

7 ways to transform your thinking

When you are asked, “How is your day going”, do you automatically and mindlessly reply, “I’m pretty busy”? Or do you say it on purpose, trying to earn some sympathy or credibility?

Well … get over it! You’re busy, I’m busy, everyone is busy! Welcome to reality.

Not only is “I’m busy” over-spoken, annoying, and a conversation-killer (other than a sad “Me too” response), it also subtly undermines job enjoyment and to a degree, job performance.

Here are seven better (and more positive) ways to answer, “How is your day going?”:

  • “I’m making good progress on one of my big projects!”
  • “Our committee meeting was more productive than I thought it would be!”
  • “I was hoping to gain more traction with _____, but at least it moved ahead a little bit!”
  • “I think I sent more emails than I received!”
  • “We had some great conversations about a new project/program we might start!”
  • “It was tiring, but it sure is good to work for an organization that has such a positive impact on _____!”
  • “I received some great advice from _____ about one of the problems I’ve been trying to solve!”

In contrast to “I’m busy”, notice how each one of these responses has a much higher chance of sparking a conversation. “Oh, really? What project are you working on?”

What don’t you take up the challenge, delete “I’m busy” from your vocabulary, and think of some creative ways to describe your day. If you have some great responses, share them with the rest of us!


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