At the risk of dating myself, my involvement on “the web” has gone through a continual process of evolution since 1995 (and before that, if you remember BBS’s and dial-up modems!).  My first web site was called “Wessner’s Research Page”, then “Ancient Wisdom, Modern Faith”, then “”, and now it is simply “Mark Wessner”.  And I am sure it will continue to change again and again in the future!

I am currently the President of MB Seminary, and over the years I have had leadership and teaching roles at public and private universities, a church, a prison, and the provincial government.  As well, I have been a regular guest panellist on CBC’s Daybreak North, a weekly columnist with the Prince George Citizen, managed my own consulting company, and have earned a PhD in Biblical Hebrew Narratology (yes, that is as obscure as it sounds!).  If you happen to be interested, you can check out more information about me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thanks for checking out this web site.  Take some time and view a few of the subject areas areas at the top, and if you have any comments or suggestions, let me know!