A Cloud is Rising …

Later this year I will be giving a conference presentation called A Cloud is Rising: Exploring E-learning as an Effective Medium for Spiritual Transformation, and I would love to hear about your experiences with spirituality, education and technology.

The official blurb for the presentation is: “Traditional thinking has led many to believe that spiritual formation can happen only in geographically-connected spaces or in isolation.  Perhaps such thinking needs to be challenged, due to the emergence of web-based learning experiences that strategically incorporate spiritual practices and opportunities for participants in disparate locations and time zones.  During the last eleven years, Dr. Wessner has worked with 5,000 undergraduate and graduate online students in religious studies, and has discovered that spiritual education and experience is not restricted by either geography or proximity.  Dr. Wessner’s presentation will include stories and strategies related to the interface between e-learning and spirituality.

So … what do you think?  Can spiritual education or spiritual transformation happen when people are not “face to face”?  Share some stories and thoughts with us!  🙂

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