A Curious Mind – Mini Book Review

Since I love day-dreaming and imagining what could be, I was intrigued by Brian Glazer’s new book A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life.  Having just finished reading it today, here are some quick thoughts.

In essence, the 200+ page book is an autobiography of Glazer’s life, as seen through the lens of his insatiable curiosity.  If you have an interest in Hollywood, and the who and how of big-budget movie making, you will enjoy the many short stories throughout the book.

Interspersed throughout the stories, Glazer provides a number of strategic insights into how curiosity has worked at various points in his life, and then how it might work in the reader’s life.  Reflecting on his role as movie producer, for example, Glazer does well at describing how leading by asking questions can often be more powerful than leading by command.  This principle has rung true in my life and leadership as well.

In another section of the book, Glazer describes curiosity as a “superhero power”.  Curiosity, when it is relentless, can help us move past (or through!) all kinds of barriers.

Would I recommend A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life?  I would … if you are looking for inspiration and motivation to fuel (or perhaps spark) your own curiosity.  If you are looking for more practical help, I think that Glazer’s book would be a great companion to A More Beautiful Question, for example.  In the end, I would give A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life a solid A-.


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