Angels, Guides or Both?

Another question from a few years ago (I like digging up these old ones!):

Question – “What is the difference between guides and angels?”

Reply -That is a good question, and the answer depends to a small degree on what your current understanding of the two terms is (ie. in what context are you using the terms, etc.). Anyway … a little historical background helps define the two terms.

The concept of “angels” originated primarily out of the Ancient Near Eastern and Greco-Roman contexts of early Judaism and Christianity, with their sacred texts being the prime sources of information (the Jewish Tanach and the Christian Bible). Angels are supernatural (spiritual) beings created by God with a central purpose of direct participation in the successful achievement of his goals. For example, they fight spiritual battles, deliver messages from God and get involved in human activities. A distinctive characteristic of angels is that they are not controlled or impacted by human desires or actions – they act independently and on behalf of God.

The concept of “guides” seems to have come out of a North American interpretation of a variety of Far Eastern philosophies and religions, and has gained a fair degree of popularity within the last fifty years. Guides are spiritual beings of unknown origin whose purpose is to address and influence individual people, often with the understanding that there may be a type of personal relationship (or connection) between guide and human. In many cases, there are specific activities that a person must do to start the process of communication, and often the information given by the guide is gradual (ie, a small amount at first, but more given through the course of time).

Of the many differences between angels and guides, the most significant is likely that the primary role of an angel is to direct a person to a new / closer relationship with God in some way, while the central role of a guide is to teach a hidden truth or to suggest a particular course of action for a person to follow.


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