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s_n01_5202011-During the last part of 2014, I felt myself start to drift away from some of my core leadership (and life) values.  That is in part why I stepped back from social media as of Nov 20; it was an attempt to remove some distractions so I could (re)focus on the important things.

You’ll have to ask me about the details sometime, but in essence, my priorities and plans have come back into focus.  [insert thankful sigh]

Symbolic of this life and leadership renewal is my commitment to a 28 day experience I am calling “#DailyMatthew”.  Every day for the next 28 days, I am going to read a chapter of the ancient Gospel of Matthew and (here comes the challenging part for me) I am going publicly reflect on the text’s relevance to my life, my leadership, and local/world events.

If you are interested, you can join me on the journey, starting today.  My daily posts will be tagged with #DailyMatthew, you can follow along on this web site.  All posts will be linked to on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well.

So … let the journey begin!


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