Canadian Spirituality Statistics

For those of you who are interested in the current state of religion and spirituality in Canada, check out these statistics and commentaries:

It takes a while to read through the numbers and analysis, but it seems that the general Canadian “shift” is not away from religion per se, but rather is a change in how religious beliefs and values are expressed (via personal participation).

Also, in general, experience seems to indicate that many people who previously left “organized” Christianity to become more “individual” in their expressions of faith, are now desiring to return to a “community of faith” within which they can can find a solid foundation for their spirituality.  The challenge, then, for Christian leaders is to understand what kind of “community” people are looking for and then remold their ministries to regain their relevance (in terms of method, not message).

What has been your experience with Christianity, churches, community, etc?  What trends have you seen and/or experienced?

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  1. I think Canada is pretty representative of the rest of the church. In time people will come back to the more liturgy based forms of worship leaving individualism to slowly fade… for a while.

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