Cariboo – Prince George Leadership Q&A – Final Comments

Now that the Q&A part of the 2015 Cariboo – Prince George discussion is over, each candidate has been invited to submit their final comments.  As before, comments are presented in the order in which they were received.


Sheldon ClareSheldon Clare – In this election, you have a choice. You could vote the same way that you always have, to support the party of your choice, or to keep out a political option that you fear. If you do that, you should not be surprised when the results that you achieve remain unchanged. Alternatively, you can support the only credible candidate who is not tied into a party policy package, the only candidate who is not subject to the direction of the party whip, the only candidate who will read and critically analyze all legislation, and the only candidate free to support or work against legislation from any other party.

That candidate is Sheldon Clare, your Independent choice. My positions on key issues are clear, I have a significant local and national profile, and I am the best situated to represent Cariboo-Prince George in a strong and forceful manner. My objective is to ensure that any candidate who runs in this riding has to work for that privilege, and that this riding is never again taken for granted as a safe seat. I have been clear on issues, and I don’t rely on party talking points to read from during debates. If you want to ask me questions, ask away. I don’t fear hard questions, and what I say doesn’t change from audience to audience. In particular, I would ask that when you look at your ballot to mark your choice, ask yourself who best represents you and your values, who has demonstrated a clear track record of community service over many years, who is the best at getting the point across, and who best represents a broad spectrum of our region. The answer is clear – vote Clare! I am the Right Candidate in the Right Place at the Right Time.


Adam De KroonAdam De Kroon – It is time to elect someone who will fight for the interests of our region. I believe I am the best candidate for the job. My party’s policy is that “party loyalty must take back seat to serving the electorate, who have placed MPs in that position.” That means as your elected representative I will be able to make sure your voices are heard without worrying about being kicked out of my party or being forced to vote a certain way. I am a fighter, and I will fight for you in Ottawa to make sure the government listens to what you want… after all the government exists to serve you, not the other way around.

I am the strongest candidate on civil liberties issues and the best person to protect you from government erosion of privacy and freedom. The Conservatives and Liberals both supported Bill C-51 (a dangerous piece of legislation that erodes our rights) and the NDP is accused of opposing it only because it was the popular thing to do. And that’s just Bill C-51, what about all the other recent legislation threatening the freedoms we’ve always enjoyed? I was publicly spreading the word about these other dangerous pieces of legislation even back in 2013 and 2014. When it comes to protecting rights and freedoms I am the best person for the job.

I have a broad knowledge of politics and the issues facing our country. I bring many good ideas to the table and I am able to work with other MP’s to move our country forward. Lastly… Could I win or would you “waste” your vote supporting me? Well I believe the only wasted vote is a vote for something/someone you don’t believe in. I hope you will support me on Oct 19.


Tracy CalogherosTracy Calogheros – This election is really about trust. Who do you trust to listen to you? Who do you believe will take your concerns, ideas, issues and questions to Ottawa? Who do feel has the track record, experience and skillset to communicate effectively, and build consensus, with people from all Parties?

We are headed, by all accounts, for a minority government.  That means that WHO you send to Ottawa is that much more important; more important even than the logo on their lapel. We have an opportunity to take a seat at the table and influence the decisions and policies that will shape our region and our future.  The fabric of our Country has been damaged in the last ten years.  Our self-image, our role on the international stage, the way we treat each other has been coloured during this lost decade by a meanness, an austerity, a divisiveness, that I don’t recognize as Canadian. I want my country back.

We do not have to choose between extremes in political dogmas.  The Liberals are offering a real alternative, an approach that is uniquely Canadian. There are good ideas in all parties, what we will do is find the best ones, bring them together and use them to launch us into the 21st century.

We have an exceptional plan, built from the ground up in consultation with people from across the country. A plan that sets the framework to reclaim OUR Canada; the Canada that is the envy of millions of people worldwide. The Canada we grew up in can be the one that our grandchildren grow up in, but to get there we all need to stand together and insist on change, Real Change. It really does come down to trust and I am asking for yours on October 19th.


Now … get out and vote!

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