Comfort, Challenge, or Calling?

Have you ever made a life-changing decision?

Well, technically, every decision (and non-decision) is life-changing.  The only difference between them is that some decisions have a bigger impact than others.

What I am talking about here, though, are the kinds of decisions that you and I make, when we know at the time that they will significantly influence the direction of our lives, and often, the lives of those around us as well.  These kinds of decisions are life-changing decisions.

I just made such a decision.  Actually, in reality, it was a decision that my wife made as well.1

After living in beautiful Prince George for most of our lives, and being a part of Westwood Church for just over ten years, I have accepted an invitation become the next president of MB Biblical Seminary.  So we’ll be moving to the Fraser Valley this summer (who wants to help pack/unpack boxes?).

As I have processed this massive and disruptive decision, many things have come to mind.  Here are four:

  1. Clarity – Big decisions take time and require clear discernment.  Read this posting for a bit of the back story to this particular decision.
  2. Comfort – When things are going well, why mess with them?  This is a tempting way to think, isn’t it?  As opportunities have arisen over the years, my recent response has been “Why would I leave Westwood?  I don’t want to.  We have a strong and healthy church and leadership team, and I really enjoy what is happening here in Prince George.  Seriously, why would I think about leaving?”.  That however, is the voice of comfort speaking.  And comfort can make us blind.  We miss what is just over the horizon.
  3. Challenge – The flip side of comfort is challenge.  I need to stretch, to grow, to innovate, to take risks, to challenge myself.  You might be the same way.  The experience of enthusiastically embracing a challenge, and especially a big challenge, can be exhilarating.  You can’t do that, people say.  Really?  Let’s see.  Being overly motivated by challenge, though, can also make us blind.  We don’t see and embrace where we are.
  4. Calling – I’ve written about calling before, and to no one’s surprise, I believe that calling trumps both comfort and challenge.  After all, comfort and challenge are about me.  Calling is about mission.  And mission is greater than me.  Why have Jennifer and I made a decision to move from our friends, family, church, and hometown?  Because of calling, mission, and a clear sense that God is leading us into a new chapter.  And that is exciting!  🙂

mission me

So … regardless of your comfort level with change, change is coming your way.  How will you prepare for it?  How will you process it?  How will you embrace it?

As you look out over the horizon of your life and leadership, what exciting possibilities do you see?  How does your sense of calling move you ahead into the future?


  1. Just following through on a commitment we made to each other 22 years ago!

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