Continuing the Journey with #DailyMark

I tried something new a couple of months ago, in terms of my personal spiritual journey, and decided to read and reflect on a chapter-a-day from the ancient Gospel of Matthew.  It was a very meaningful experience for a number of reasons, and at a deep level, I think it has continued to significantly influence my life and leadership.  I called the series “#DailyMatthew“, and some of you may have followed along.

Gospel of MarkI now feel compelled to continue with my chapter-a-day journey, so I am moving on to next of the four biblical Gospel accounts.  I am going to creatively call this series “#DailyMark“.  😉  If you would like to follow along with this next chapter of my musings, check this web site daily or just search for #DailyMark on Twitter or Facebook.

So … stay tuned for the first #DailyMark posting!


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