First #CPGLeadership questions sent!

Here are the first two questions for our Cariboo – Prince George Candidates, the first from me, the second from a reader:

  1. What are the specific leadership values and specific leadership skills that you will bring to both our local and national contexts if you are elected?
  2. I realize nothing is a simple as it seems to be, however I must ask where are all the Syrian refugee families the government announced that would be part of the Blended Visa Office-Referred (BVOR) Program?  From my research, only 2 Syrian refugee families have come to Canada through this program despite many, many groups and individuals who are qualified, able and yet are still waiting to sponsor Syrian families.  I am concerned that Canada’s year-old commitment to assist these displaced people is an empty promise.

Their replies will be posted on Monday morning (unless everyone sends their replies ahead of schedule!).  🙂


PS.  Please send your questions for the candidates to, and remember to promote this conversation on social media with #CPGLeadership.

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