#DailyMatthew – A 28 Day Devotional

Earlier this year I started (and completed!) a 28 day journey through the New Testament Gospel of Matthew, and I recorded my thoughts along the way.  Far from being either academic or systematic, it is simply a collection of my personal reflections as I read a chapter a day.

If my 28 day journey is of interest to you, and/or you are on your own journey with or toward Jesus, you can access each short devotional below, by clicking the appropriate links:

Whether you read through both the Gospel of Matthew and this devotional in their entirety, or “pick and choose” as you go along, I hope and pray that it will be helpful to you in your journey.  If you have time, I’d love to read your comments!

As for my re-engagement with social media, I’m not sure where I am at.  The #DailyMatthew journey was very good for me (and I am trying to discern if I should do the same thing through another book of the Bible), but I’m not yet convinced that social media involvement is time well spent.  So … it is an unsolved question for now.


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