Does Cremation Send a Person to Hell?

Interesting question, isn’t it?  I was asked that question a few days ago, and I pointed the person to one verse and then made one observation (just a summary of our discussion!).  The practice of cremation is not specifically mentioned in the Bible.  However, a section in the Bible that talks about how a Christian’s “eternal” body will be different than his/her “physical” body is 1 Corinthians 15:42-44 (make sure you read it in context).  The eternal does not seem to be limited by the physical.  Also, the physical body starts to decay the moment the person dies, so whether the process takes a few minutes (eg, cremation) or a few years (eg, burial), the end result would seem to be the same, wouldn’t it?

What do you think about cremation?

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14 Replies to “Does Cremation Send a Person to Hell?”

  1. I would rather have the Creator to return today so we don’t have to deal with this and everything else.

  2. I’m confused about this cremation subject. When a dead person’s body is being cremating, does that mean that person is burning in Hell?

    Sweet Lady

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  3. The Lord GOD, who spoke the universe into existence, can He not provide you a body in the New Jerusalem? What of the devout Christians who were burned at the stake? The funeral industry rakes in billions playing off peoples loss and pain which in my view is.a great evil.

  4. Thank u for ur question, I have been resea ching this for some time and as I though I was right, from the many real life stroiries of dying and entering heaven then hell n seeing many Indians n Buddhists n Sikhs there.. Burning the body is your entry to hell, they believe in demon gods they are blue with animal heads n ppl described the demons in hell as blue with animal heads some of them even the Indians hu believe in bell draw them as blue woth animal heads it’s scary as back in the day they though it’s gods that helped them but they were demons n they started praying to them its do sad that they will be going to hell even some are good people but all their life’s they beloeved in the weimg god but maybe they will be punished not fir ever I don’t know

  5. Your body is a vessel, when YOU are gone your vessel is just an empty shell…… thats not you, laying there 6 ft under, and if you cremated you turn to dust, you no longer walk the planet in this realm.

    Somehow after so many years of being dead, if by some punishment you are sent back to your vessel 6 ft underground in black pitch darkness and realize you are stuck there waking up in casket is scary thought and then you have to die again? As your loved ones are on the surface wandering about moving onto their daily lives and then they look back up to the skies, as you, depending how your life, are screaming from the underworld below? But either way by then you are already dead. You no longer walk the planet.

  6. well if it is true that a body that is creamated, the soul goes to hell, then what if a person is burned to death in a fire either accidentally, as in a wreck, or intentionally by an evil person? i think this needs more thought and prayers, don’t you think so?

  7. Cremation is the gate way to hell in my opinion. Whether you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim.
    Why would anyone want to have their body or the body of their loved one burnt then the bones crushed.
    God makes it very clear that in hell there is fire.
    Cremation is hell.

    If it is cost you are worried about, well think again. Cremation actually costs more. If you are worried about the environment, well again cremation, depending on the size of the body uses 0.2 emissions. Oh and if you think that if we keep burying bodies that we will eventually run out of space. Well think again, within years (possibly 100 years), a body would have fully decomposed. Then another person would go in that space. If you believe that cremation releases the soul. Well that means, you can feel the process once you are dead. How would you like to feel your entire body get burnt then bones crushed. Or would you rather be buried in the ground with your loved ones fare welling you?

    In the Bible, Koran and Torah. God makes it clear that burning of the body is wrong. You should treat your body with respect and dignity. It has carried you every where your entire life.

    However each person has their opinion and I am not here to judge anyone nor disrespect anyone. I am not to judge, god will do the judging at the end.

    1. Ppl choose cremation these days because it’s all they can afford. Where in scripture does it say cremation will get you sent to hell?

      1. Please choose burial for all your loved ones…love and respect from a muslim girl as i truly believe in islam that we must respect the dead body for the soul will return back to the earth(if god will) for his/her question to be judge…the soul will NEVER die but it will return back to witness what their family did to them….

  8. I, always wanted to be cremated and have my ashes scattered in the mountains. This is so my kids and family just need to see any mountain to see Gods creation, as they remember me and the love’ I have for them. As most of my family does not believe in God, I hope this would inspire them to seek out God and his love for all mankind.I believe it is a acceptable practice as our spirit leaves our body at the time of death. I hope I am not wrong in this way of thinking as I would like to see all my Cristian friends and my kids/family in Heaven one day.

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