Fully Engaged – Romans 12:3-8

Well, it seems that there could be all kinds of directions our discussions could go, based on today’s message.  However, lets try to focus a bit on the observation that:

Ministry creates community

Mission results in connection

What do you think about that?  Do you agree that if our goal is “connection” we will never find it, but if our goal is to serve others as part of “mission” one of the many spin-off benefits is a sense of “connection”?  According to Romans 12:3-8, we are called to serve together, called to action.  If that is true, why are we so often tempted to simply sit back and “consume” our spirituality?  The easy answer is just that; consuming is easy.  But ultimately, it doesn’t satisfy.

How has your experience in ministry, serving others, etc filled you with a sense of connection and engagement?  How have you “let God transform you” as part of a Christian community?

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