How Do You Stay “Digitally Connected”?

Looking ahead to the rest of the new year that just started (yippee!) … how do you plan to stay connected with friends, colleagues, news, etc?  With so many relationships to manage in so many different contexts, how do you (and how do I)  keep up to date?

Personally, I find myself using email, Facebook, podcasts (video) and news sites most frequently.  Each one has advantages and disadvantages, but using them together seems to be relatively effective at nurturing existing relationships, and finding/forming new ones.  It is tough to stay connected with everyone, though, isn’t it?

With so many “relationships”, it is often hard to invest enough energy into the important ones.  If there is a flaw in the new world of online social networking (and yes, there just might be a flaw or two!), it is that managing  lots of superficial relationships is a lot easier than investing in a few deep relationships.  When we live behind a screen, whether on our desk or in our hand, it seems that we often drift away from the rich and transparent friendships that we each need.

So how is this for a good January challenge – send a friend a message with a pen and paper (remember those?) rather than a few keystrokes.  🙂

How about you?  How to you plan to stay connected in 2009?

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