Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari – too many choices??

According to my site statistics, the majority of you are using Internet Explorer 6 to look at this posting right now (just over half of you, actually).  Then comes Firefox 3 and Internet Explorer 7.  After that it drops off dramatically to Firefox 2, Safari, Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Explorer 8, in that order.  Personally, I use Firefox 3 (I love the speed and add-ons), except for about two specific sites that look (and function) better with Internet Explorer 8.

(If you are interested, you can check out a very cool graphical timeline of Internet browser history.  And if you are somewhat geeky like me, you’ll remember using Lynx, Mosaic/Navigator, SlipKnot, etc.)

Now that tells me what you are using, but I want to know what you like to use.  So … what is your favourite web browser?

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