Introduction to the New Testament

Another undergraduate course that I have taught in various contexts is Introduction to the New Testament.

Description and Scope – The New Testament consists of numerous types of literature, and reflects the viewpoints of Jesus and his followers. As a detailed exploration of the historical context, literary styles and theological themes of each of the books of the New Testament, this “hand’s on” course serves as an overview of current New Testament studies. This course is also as a launching pad for further study of both Jesus and the first Christians. We will explore the text from historical-critical, literary and canonical perspectives, observing the strengths and weakness of each approach.

Objectives – Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the cultural, political and religious background of each New Testament book,
  2. Describe the historical development and intended purpose of each book,
  3. Identify and assess the various critical approaches to studying the New Testament,
  4. Identify and explain the central themes of each book as well as the themes running through the New Testament as a whole, and
  5. Discuss the influence of the New Testament in both the early and modern Church.”

In addition to the New Testament, we all use the following textbooks:

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