Mark 12 – The Man Who Can’t be Ignored

Day 12 of #DailyMark.  I get a kick out of Mark 12.  How many times do the religious leaders try to trick Jesus?  How many times do they fail?  Seriously, do they not learn?

It is the various responses to Jesus, though, that intrigue me as I read through this chapter.  Some wanted to arrest him (verse 12), some were amazed by him (verse 16), some thought he gave good answers (verse 28), some were intimidated by him (verse 34), and some were delighted by him (verse 37).

That is quite a range of responses, isn’t it?  When it comes to person and words of Jesus, it seems that the only response that doesn’t happen is to ignore him.

Hmm … when I read or hear what Jesus said, what is my response?  What is yours?

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