Mark 15 – The Ancient Word of God

Day 15 of #DailyMarkMark 15 contains the description of the arrest, crucifixion, and burial of Jesus.  I also contains, I think, an often-overlooked statement that might transform our experience of our own dark times.

In Jesus’ darkness hour, when he is completely broken, how does he express his pain?  The only words that capture his full anguish are the words of someone else.  Jesus could have said anything at that point, but he expressed his pain through the powerful words of the ancient scriptures.

“Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?”  Words from 1,000 years earlier.  Words from Psalm 22.  Words from a scripture that he would have memorized and have had burned into his memory since his childhood.  Words that expressed his deepest emotions at his darkest time.

Are the words and truths of the Bible so deeply a part of my life that I instantly recall them in both dark and happy times?  At times, maybe, but often not.

How powerful would it be to have the timeless and inspired words of scripture be a daily part of my experience, connecting me to something (and someone) bigger, even in my times of struggle.  Hmm … perhaps at a level I haven’t really been aware of yet, that is what I am attempting to experience with my recent #DailyMatthew and #DailyMark journeys.

What are you doing to connect yourself with the ancient Word of God?

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