Mark 16 – Comfort for the Journey

Day 16, the last day of #DailyMarkChapter 16 is a short chapter; in the oldest and most reliable manuscripts, the chapter is only eight verses in length.

In a sense, the Gospel of Mark ends in a weird and unpredictable way, especially given the content of the rest of book.  While the rest of the Gospel contains countless stories of courage, risk, and drama, the final verse ends with fear.  It is a strange ending.

But, in a way, it is a hopeful ending.  It is an ending that has a “real life” feel to it.  It is an ending that, if I’m honest with myself, would probably describe me at times.

There is something comforting with knowing that even the very first followers of Jesus were scared at times.  They weren’t perfect disciples, or followers of God who just walked off a movie set.  They didn’t have it all together, all the time.  And … that is comforting.

It comforts me when I struggle with following Jesus.  It comforts me when I struggle with figuring out what to do next.  It comforts me when I don’t feel particularly strong in my faith.

Hmm … there is something powerful about following a God who knows that we can be fearful at times.  And in a weird way, that gives me strength.

I wonder where God will take me next …

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