Mark 3 – Missing the Work of God

Day 3 of #DailyMarkMark 3 continues the story of Jesus and his encounters with both religious leaders and religious tradition.  In the opening scene, a man with a physically shriveled hand met Jesus and was completely healed.  In front of everyone.  There was no doubt about what happened or who did it.

What could possibly go wrong in this situation?  How could anyone be offended by a powerful work of God?  Shockingly, some people were.

Such activity was not “the Pharisee way”, objected some.  Completely blind to the obvious work that God was active and that a life was transformed, some instead chose to be distracted by the newness of the experience (ironically, of course, people being healed by God was nothing new at all!).

The Pharisees had created rules, though, and rules must be followed.  Even if they were a barrier to the work of God.  Sad.

Before we get too upset with the Pharisees, perhaps we should look at our own lives as well.  Have you ever seen God work in someone else’s life, and slipped into judgment rather than celebration?  Simply because it didn’t fit the rules that you had created?  It is not only the ancient Pharisees who have hard hearts at times, is it?  😉

Here is my invitation to each of you.  As you look back at what has happened around you in recent weeks, or as you go through life this week, notice what God is doing.  When you see or hear about God being at work in someone’s life, make an effort to celebrate it.  Don’t let “your way” get in the way of being part of what God is doing around you!

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