Matthew 11 – What to do with Doubt

Day 11 of the 28 day #DailyMatthew journey.  Matthew 11 contains a surprising story.  John the Baptist, arguably the first person to recognize who Jesus really was at the start of his ministry, unexpectedly expressed significant doubt about who Jesus was.  Remember that John was the fiery prophet who only a short time earlier had confronted the religious leaders about their lack of genuine faith!  And now he was asking if Jesus really was the One.  What happened?

I wonder if John’s doubt was similar to the doubt that you and I sometimes feel.  After all, it is easy to believe in Jesus when things are going well, good stuff is happening, the cause is being advanced, etc.  But what happens when life and ministry take a hit?

John went from being a prophet, to being a prisoner.  Sometimes you and I go from being successful, to having challenges.  From people wanting to be with us, to feeling alone.  From undisrupted life, to life hit by significant setbacks.  What do these kinds of challenges do to your and my faith?  Are we like John and we doubt when trouble strikes?

Notice how Jesus responded to John.  There was no confrontation, no correction, no challenge.  Instead, Jesus simply directed John to look at the evidence.  Lives are being changed and the gospel is being proclaimed!  In other words, take your eyes of yourself, John, and look around … see what God has been doing!  Transformed lives point to the reality of Jesus.

Are you feeling “dry” in your spirituality?  Are you wondering if Jesus is legit?  The good news is that a well-proven antidote is available to you … look at the transformation in the lives of other people!  Ask others what God has been doing in their lives.  Pay attention to stories of life-change because of Jesus.

One last note … if you don’t know any stories of lives changed by God … talk to the pastor of your church and offer to serve wherever there is need.  Invest your life in the lives of others.  Introduce them to Jesus, and you will get front row seats to see life transformation!


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