Matthew 17 – Radical Submission

Day 17 of my 28 day #DailyMatthew journey.

If you have been following along with me through the Gospel of Matthew, you’ve probably sensed a change here in Matthew 17.  Intensity has increased, both spiritually and politically.  Confrontation has also increased.  No doubt the disciples sensed the change, even if they didn’t fully understand at the time.

It is chapters like this that shatter the “Jesus just came to love everyone and make them feel good” idea that some people mistakenly have.  Yes, Jesus loves everyone.  Yes, following Jesus can result in you and I feeling good.  But there is so much more!  Jesus came to transform the world!  He came to offer transformation to you and me.  And transformation involves radical change in how we see Jesus, see ourselves, and see others (if it isn’t radical, perhaps it isn’t transformation).

Three of the disciples experienced radical transformation in their realization of who Jesus really was.  The young boy and his father experienced radical transformation through a dramatic healing.  The disciples experienced radical transformation in their understanding of the mission of Jesus.  Peter experience radical transformation (presumably) in his understanding of Jesus’ provision for his disciples’ needs.

And here is the question that I struggle with at times.  Am I willing to submit to and experience radical transformation in my own life?  People see me as a solid and stable follower of Jesus.  What will people think of me if something radical happens in my life?  What if something happens that isn’t “safe”?

Hmm … I’m just thinking out loud here, but I wonder if we sometimes let being respected overpower our willingness to be radical.  As you look at your own spiritual health, what do you see?  How desperate are you to let Jesus work his radical transformation into your life?

Submitting to the person and teaching of Jesus is the most radical experience you can have.  Will you do it?


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