Matthew 19 – All In

Day 19 (posted one day late because of a bad Internet connection).  If the #DailyMatthew series is new to you, check out the first posting.

Matthew 19 is another chapter that is loaded full of “hard sayings”: relationships, treatment of others, wealth, etc.   In the midst of it all, though, verse 27 jumped out at me, “We have left everything to follow you”, said Peter.

Wow … talk about risk, commitment, and being “all in”!  Peter had left himself no other option.  It was Jesus or nothing.

Do you have that level of commitment to following Jesus?  Do I?  Not just in the safe contexts (eg, church, small group), but in the hard ones too (eg, school, work, family, the public).

What would it take for you to be “all in” with Jesus today?


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