Matthew 2 – Leadership for Who?

We invited the Mayor and Councilors to church today and we prayed for them and their leadership.  We started a teaching series on spiritual gifts, one of which is leadership.  We announced a community discernment process through we which will explore the role of women in ministry leadership.  And finally, the #DailyMatthew text today is Matthew 2 – in part, a story of twisted and barbaric leadership.  Hmm … any guesses what today’s theme might be?  😉

Throughout my leadership, I have often found myself thinking about who my leadership is for.  Is it for me?  For others?  For God?  For someone or something else?  In part, I think Matthew 2 speaks to this question, in that it paints of picture of what can happen if my leadership is about myself (and my kingdom).  If I, like King Herod, am focused on my kingdom (my church?) and my role in it, then I will do everything I can to preserve and protect it (which means that, inevitably, I will cross some very dangerous lines!).  Sounds like dysfunction, doesn’t it?

However, I wonder if the extent to which I embrace that Westwood is God’s church and not mine, is the extent to which the church can become healthy and effective.  What do you think?  If my identity is tied up in my leadership role, then I think I just might be headed for trouble.  Rather, if I view myself as a manager and leader of the church on God’s behalf, then it is easier to have God’s mission front and centre, rather than my mission.

Hmm … there is a lot to think through with today’s text.  King Herod felt that his leadership (primarily military and political) was threatened by Jesus, so he fought back with everything he had.  The Magi’s leadership (primarily spiritual and cultural) was directed toward worshiping Jesus.  I think there is a lesson in there somewhere …


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