Matthew 22 – Discerning the Question

Day 22.  One week left in my 28 day #DailyMatthew journey.

I spent a bit of time in prayer this morning, asking God to help me see something that would be relevant to the various boards that I am on.  And then I read Matthew 22.  Which seems to have nothing to say about serving on a board!  😉  But then I noticed how Jesus answered the various questions that he was asked.

I noticed that Jesus appealed to different “authorities” depending on the kind of question that was asked.  If it was a question of faith asked by people of faith (ie, the Sadducees or the Pharisees), Jesus answered on the basis of their shared scriptures.  However, if the question was socio-political and asked by a mix of people of faith and people not of faith (ie the Pharisees and the Herodians), Jesus answered on the basis of logic and current politics.  It seems that Jesus was able to easily see the difference between the two types of questions.  Pretty interesting, isn’t it?  🙂

So how is that relevant to being a board member?  I think the same principle applies; you and I need to be able to discern the origin of the question being asked around the table, and then frame our responses accordingly.

On a non faith-based board, rarely will I give an answer that is faith based.  On a faith-based board, however, I need to answer according to the question … sometimes the answer is “the Bible says …” and other times the Bible is not directly relevant.  And a good board members knows the difference.

Hmm … something for me to think about today …


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