Matthew 6 – Private Faith

Day 6 of my 28 day #DailyMatthew journey.  I was struck by the very first phrase as I read Matthew 6 this morning.  I didn’t have to read any further to know what I needed to reflect on.  I read the rest of the chapter, though, and guess what?  The theme continued.  😉

Private faith.  In a way, it seems to be in dramatic contrast with much of what I’ve read so far … bold changes, radical faith, etc.  And now, quiet faith.  Private faith.  Faith without any fanfare.

  • “go into your room, close the door and pray”
  • “so that it will not be obvious to others”
  • “your Father … sees what is done in secret”

Hmm … I wonder, if private faith is the engine that drives public faith.  Strong, quiet, and consistent commitment to God and relationship with God.

I remember a few years ago, during and stressful and turbulent leadership experience, the calm strength that came from spending significant periods of time in God’s word (I did a “read the Bible in 45 days” plan before I realized how much time it would take!  And then I did it again in 90 days).  That extended amount of time alone with God preserved my spiritual health, and I also believed it was the foundation for the spiritual and leadership wisdom that I needed.  And in part, that experience was a motivator for me taking on the 28 day #DailyMatthew experience that I am doing now.

Notice, though, that I am not suggesting that it should be private faith or public faith.  For followers of God, that is not an option.  We are called to live both.  But we must have them in the right order.  Private faith that is both biblical and authentic causes public faith that is genuine and Jesus-focused.

What we do in private eventually determines what we do in public.  The question, then, is how healthy is your private faith?



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