Numbers 10 – Share the Wealth

Okay, it seems that #DailyNumbers isn’t so “daily”.  Ah, summer …

As the story of the ancient Israelites continues, we see in Numbers 10:11-36 that the people finally set out on their way.  Everything went as it should, everyone did their job, and the mission was underway.

In the middle of this short section, though, I am struck by Moses’ invitation to Hobab (how is that for the name of your next child?) to join the people as they travel.  “God has been good to us”, Moses said, “Join us”.  After hearing Hobab’s initial refusal, Moses went further.  “We could use your help”, he said.  Moses went out of his way to share what God was doing (and what he believed God was going to do).

How about you and me?  Do we share what we have, even before we have it?  Or do we hoard?  Do we hoard and protect our leadership benefits, our personal successes, our organizational opportunities, or our family resources?  Or do we share generously?

Here is a challenge … the next time you sense that God is about to bless you in some way, go out of your way to invite someone else to experience it with you.  It just might change both of your lives.

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