Numbers 2 – Protecting the Core

Day 2 of #DailyNumbers – Numbers 2:1-34.  Yesterday we read about the military census (603,550 soldiers!), and today we read about their strategic military formation.  Did you know that this kind of stuff was in the Bible?  😉

That being said, though, did you recognize the image in this posting?  It is a picture of the shaft leading down to the core reactor of the second Death Star (if you don’t know what the Death Star is, well, um … look it up online).  No core reactor, no Death Star.

As I read through this chapter this morning, I noticed something similar.  The core of the ancient people of God as described in Numbers was the “Tent of Meeting” (verse 2).  What was the Tent of Meeting?  It was the place where God met his people, via Moses.  In other words, it was their core, their identity, and it was what defined them as the people of God.

Knowing this, then, it makes sense that the troops needed to be strategically aligned around the Tent.  Given the purpose and symbolism of the Tent, it had to be protected at all costs.

Switch to today.  In terms of your relationship with God, what is the core that must be protected at all costs?  If it is anything other than Jesus Christ as described in the Bible, you are protecting the wrong core.  And if your core is Jesus, what are you doing to safeguard the health and integrity of your relationship with him?  Are there “gaps in the formation” that you need to take care of?

Just remember, as in the Death Star, if the core gets damaged, all hope is lost.  Be sure to protect your spiritual core today.

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