Uncommon Faith – Pre-Reading/Homework (Week 5)

For those of you who are taking part in the six week class at Westwood Church called “Uncommon Faith“, here are the requirements to work through for week 5:

  • Read 1 Kings 14 in your favourite translation.
  • Read 1 Kings 14:6-9 in three different translations (if you want suggestions, I recommend these three for this course: NET, TNIV, ESV).
  • As you read the text, answer these questions
    • Do you see a structure to the text?
      • Repeated words/ideas, progression of words/ideas, etc.
    • Specifically, how does the Lord (through Ahijah) describe David?
    • Why do you think that David was described as a “servant”?
    • How is David contrasted with Jeroboam?

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