What is the Greatest Social Need?

I’ve been doing some reading about “mission” this week, as I prepare for a teaching time about one of the core elements of a Christian’s “call” to follow God.  What is our purpose, our mission, our calling, etc?  At a high level, it seems threefold – all followers of God are called to holiness, to community, and to mission (which, not surprisingly, is also how our series is unfolding!).  But what is “mission”?

This is where my reading comes in.  🙂  Over at Christianity Today, there is a brief article called “The Greatest Social Need” that explores various social needs and concerns, but does so by asking the question of what the root problem is.  The author concludes, and I would agree, that the greatest social problem is alienation from God.  It was also the first social problem.  Of course, recognizing the primacy of reconciliation with God neither negates nor devalues other social problems such as HIV, poverty, environmental sustainability, etc.  What it does, however, is provide the big picture lens through which to see the other problems. Sharing (and living) the good news of God is part of the core calling of every follower of God.

What do you think?  What has been your experience with mission, gospel, and alienation from God?

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