Workload Management for Online Instructors

There is a great article available here, that provides some basic (and brief) ideas about better time management for those of us who teach online.  Here is a great quote from the author:

Workload Management. The name alone is daunting, much less the task. We know we need to find a balance; yet, the demands of teaching online do not offer much time to determine where things could be improved. As online instructors, it is presumed we are pedagogical wizards, 24/7 reference guides, futuristic soothsayers, and omnipresent overseers every single day, every single moment. Or at least it feels that way.

Have you ever felt that way?  In this age of instant everything (including instant replies to email, text messages, Facebook postings, etc), it sometimes feels that we can never be “off” or have any downtime.  We have to go, go, go.  Respond, respond, respond.  Well, if that is the way you feel about your online teaching, read the article and post some comments here about your experiences …

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