Matthew 27 – Darkness and Mission

Day 27 of #DailyMatthew.  Matthew 26-28 contains the most profound and reality-altering series of events in all of scripture.  Matthew 27 describes the darkest hour.  Yet even in this blackness, we see a glint of light.

On one hand, the intense physical and spiritual darkness is overwhelming.  The innocent Jesus has been betrayed, mocked, beaten, and ultimately killed.  If we are shocked at the brutal images we see in the news today (and we should be), we should be even more shocked at the torture and murder of Jesus.  And even more than physical pain, Jesus experienced unimaginable spiritual pain as he felt the full rejection of God.

Why?  Because at that precise point in history, Jesus actually took on the full reality of human sin, even though he himself had not sinned.  Ever.  Jesus used his innocence on our behalf, choose to experience our consequences on our behalf, and ultimately paid the final price on our behalf.

Why?  Because his life and death were all about mission.  Do you remember the relentless mission of Jesus that we talked about yesterday?  Jesus’ mission was to redeem and restore the world.  His mission was to save me from terrible destruction of my own sin.  His mission was to save you from your sin too.  And Jesus was willing to pay the ultimate price to offer spiritual freedom for you and me.

On the other hand, though, the large dark stone in front of the cold grave was not the final chapter.  The chief priests, Pharisees, guards, and Pilate were actually quite scared that the story was not over.  And they were right.  It wasn’t over yet.


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