Mutual Mentoring

What if … a group of diverse community influencers gathered together to share their leadership challenges, and worked together to identify innovative and sustainable next steps for each other’s roadblocks and opportunities?

What if … this small group built meaningful relationships over time, and fostered authenticity and trust that resulted in life and leadership transformation?

What if … this model of mutual mentoring was replicable and scalable throughout the community?

What if … this idea could be turned into reality?

Well, I have good news – this model of Mutual Mentoring was put into practice a year ago, and it has been very successful!  To bring the idea into reality, I initiated conversations with a few community leaders from diverse industries and contexts (health care, government, and business).  We’ve been getting together consistently since then, and the time has been very valuable for each of us (I’m not going to share any stories online!).  We’ve talked both professionally and personally, and each one of us would recommend this experience to others.

If you’re interested in how to initiate and build a leadership group like this in your community, let me know.  To help you get started, here are some brief suggestions:

Who could be a part of a Mutual Mentoring group?
Six to eight community leaders, each of whom brings significant leadership expertise and experience that is different from everyone else in the group.  In general, the more diverse the industries represented, the better.

Why be a part of a Mutual Mentoring group?
Creative problem solving, seeing an opportunity or challenge with fresh eyes, innovative solutions, exposure to diverse leadership skills and styles, support and encouragement, and more.

What are the values of a Mutual Mentoring group?
Authenticity, trust, confidentiality, creativity, and innovation.  An environment where each person has freedom to “say things as they are” with no supervisors, stakeholders, or media in the room.  A space in which it is safe to share crazy ideas and dreams.  A desire to receive honest input and feedback.

How does a Mutual Mentoring group work?
A combination of bi-monthly meetings scheduled in advance, and ongoing as-needed telephone, email, or face to face conversations.  At the scheduled meetings, group members could take turns on specific days so that the challenge or opportunity has been “pre-thought”, or members could “play it by ear” each time and have the topic(s) determined at the start of each meeting.

If you’re interested in how to initiate and build a Mutual Mentoring group like this in your community, let me know.  I would love to help you!

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