The Stock Market and the Bible?

Reaching back again into the Q&A’s from the past, this is another interesting question …

Question“Grace and Peace.  I’m trying to find out what the Bible says about investing in the stock market.  Does the bible use other words that mean the same thing as stock market?  Could you please provide me with some direction so I can study this subject.  Thank you.”

ReplyThanks for the question.  There are no words or concepts anywhere in the Biblical text that refer to any type of stock market.  In world history, stock markets are a relatively recent phenomenon.  That being said however, there are some Biblical principles that apply to using money for anticipated financial profit.  If investing in equities is treated as a business and is done carefully and thoughtfully, there is nothing wrong with it, and in fact, it can beneficial (eg. Mat 25:14-23 – investing is not the main point of the parable, but it does provide an example of “making money work”).  On the other hand, if investing is treated as a “get rich quick” idea, then perhaps it is a symptom of discontent or misplaced priorities (eg. Ecc 5:10; Luke 16:13-15; Acts 5:1-11; 1Tim 6:9-10; Heb 13:5).  “Investing” can quickly become “gambling” if self control (Gal 5:23; 1Thess 5:6-8; 1Tim 3:2; Titus 1:8, 2:5-6,12; 1 Pet 1:13, 4:7, 5:8) is not exercised.

In other words, the concept of investing in equities is itself neutral, but *why* it is pursued and *how* it is managed determines whether or not it is an appropriate activity.

Any comments?

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  1. Disagree. When you work hard and make a profit..there is nothing wrong with it …..but the Stock Market is wrong . The bible does said “you should Not make Money out of Money ” (that’s what the market does).
    Actually is more harmful the Stock Market that playing the lottery .
    If I just buy a lotto ticket (just a game unless you play what you dont have) But the stock market affect other people lives and jobs . Actually companies have cut jobs to keep their investors happy.

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