As part of my own spiritual and leadership journey this year, I’ve systematically read and reflected on individual books in the Bible.  Far from being either academic or systematic, they are simply a collection of my personal reflections as I read a section each day.  The journey has been a meaningful experience for me, and I plan to continue from time to time.

In order to keep things reasonably organized, this page will serve as the “launch pad” for all of them.




  • 1:1-54, 2:1-34, 3:1-4:49, 5:1-6:27, 7:1-89, 8:1-10:10, 10:11-36, 11:1-35, 12:1-16, 13:1-14:45, 15:1-41, 16:1-17:13, 18:1-32, 19:1-22, 20:1-21, 20:22-21:35, 22:1-24:25, 25:1-18, 26:1-65, 27:1-23, 28:1-29:40, 30:1-16, 31:1-54, 32:1-42, 33:1-49, 33:50-36:13

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